Comedy Sketches/Scenes

Buddha Boot Camp
Buddha Boot Camp

The American soldier benefits from
the most technologically advanced
weapons systems on the planet. But
what about the internal human system?
Today’s Marines have been hard at
work on that, too.

A group of uniformed Marine recruits, with rifles, is standing
at ease, talking among themselves.

Women John F. Kennedy Slept With Chess Set
Women John F. Kennedy Slept With Chess Set

A large, luxurious, book-lined room of an upper-class home.
A pipe-smoking, professorial-type SPOKESMAN is seated in a
plush leather chair, behind a large oak desk. Four different
chess sets sit on the desk in front of him.
We cannot see
the details of their pieces. The spokesman addresses the


A Woman, Elizabeth, 28, And A Man, Pete, 28, Are In Wet
Clothes At The Water’s Edge. She’s Lying Down, With Just One
Shoe On; He’s Kneeling Over Her, Frantically Trying To Revive
Her With Chest Compressions And Mouth-to-mouth Resuscitation.