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Baker Makes Fortune Recreating Recipe for Manna from Heaven

The Gathering of the Manna.
The Gathering of the Manna.

ONAGANSET, R.I. — Manna is the name of the sweet, bread-like substance which miraculously fell from the sky and became the main article of diet for the Israelites during their 40-year sojurn in the desert, as described in the Bible’s book of Exodus. Baker Johnny DePaul, owner of DePaul’s Bakery, had a life-long dream of recreating the miraculous food. He spent over three years doing Biblical research to find an approximate recipe.

“The manna apparently fell during the night in small white flakes or grains which covered the ground and resembled coriander seed and gum resin, and tasted like flour with honey,” stated DePaul. “Though it was probably edible in its natural state, it was usually ground in a mill or beaten in a mortar and then boiled and made into cakes.”

Although DePaul prepared the manna as authentically as possible, he does admit to having added a few secret ingredients to improve the taste and extend the shelf life. He then put it on sale, featuring it as DePaul’s Authentic Manna From Heaven. The Manna was an immediate hit and now DePaul can’t produce enough to keep up with the daily demand.

“It’s really delicious,” gushed long-time customer Loretta Vertner. “And that taste, combined with the knowledge that I’m eating some ancient food, really makes me feel connected to my Bible and my religion.

DePaul is equally excited about his next major challenge. “I’m leaving in two weeks for a research trip to the Middle East. I have a good lead on the location of the Garden of Eden’s Tree of Knowledge. And I’ve already copyrighted the name DePaul’s Tree of Knowledge Apple Pie. I think it’s gonna be my most successful baked good yet!”

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